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To Waive or Not to Waive!

The below is 100% borrowed from fellow home inspectors in the industry. It rings true for the real estate market we find ourselves in now, and it is also true for any situation in which a buyer might be tempted to waive the inspection.

'When inspections are waived, the default assumption is that the seller is the property expert. Their disclosure statement then has a high responsibility to protect them from a lawsuit. What could they have forgotten or simply not known that could become a lawsuit? If the seller is called into a suit the listing agent will likely be named in the suit as well, and even possibly the buyer's agent.

BE WISE as you make the decision to waive or not to waive. If you are the seller or the seller's agent get a pre-listing inspection. Don't push for the deal without the inspection. You are dramatically increasing your likelihood of showing up in a courtroom for all parties involved in the purchase.' (Aardvark Inspections)

If the market is volatile consider a pre-listing inspection. The biggest advantage of a pre-listing inspection is it helps in the decision-making on repairs, cost, etc. A pre-listing inspection is as important as staging a home.

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