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White Glove Strives to Provide the Highest Quality of Care for Your Clients

When you're comparing inspection companies and deciding on the best inspection referral, there is one thing that should always come before anything else: Peace of mind for your client that the inspection company they chose has the highest quality of care, with the best service, at the best price.


Here is why White Glove Building Inspections, Inc. Stands Above the Rest:

  • White Glove has been serving Chicagoland since 1990.  With over 30 years of experience and over 20,000 inspections, White Glove is an Industry Leader.

  • Our customers love us.  White Glove is one of the highest-rated inspection companies in all of Chicagoland.  With over 1200 reviews our stellar rating speaks for itself. Check out our reviews HERE and client and agent testimonials HERE.

  • White Glove has seven-days-a-week scheduling, fast online scheduling, personalized web app scheduling, multiple inspectors, and extended office hours with in-office staff answering calls directly.  All to provide you with the most flexibility for scheduling for you and your clients.

  • Our inspectors are employees, NOT 1099 independent contractors.

  • All of our inspectors are members of ASHI or InterNACHI.

  • We meet and beat state, ASHI, and InterNACHI inspection standards.

  • Same-day scheduling!  Need to schedule now, we can help.  If you call before 10:30AM we can schedule you for a same-day afternoon inspection. (This service is first come first serve.)

  • Plus White Glove has a 48 Hour Scheduling Guarantee! 

  • The state licensing now requires limited $100,000 general liability insurance from all inspectors.  We do even better!  We are insured for $2 million in general liability and errors and omissions.  Choose the company that makes sure to have you and your client's back in case of an emergency.

  • White Glove is your one-stop-shop for your inspection needs.  Besides residential inspections, White Glove is full service and can provide you and your clients with - Commercial Inspections, E.IF.S. Inspections (Dryvit® Synthetic Stucco Inspections), Radon Testing, Mold Inspections and Testing, VOC Indoor Air Quality Testing, Thermal Imaging, Drone, New Construction Inspections and Phase Inspections, Partial and System-Specific Inspections, Pre-Listing Inspections, 11 Month Warranty Inspections, and Inspector Consultations.

  • White Glove provides a highly comprehensive report that is a great tool for the attorney review period, AND for the long-term maintenance and upkeep of the property.  Check out our sample report.

  • White Glove sets up all qualifying home inspections with warranties valued at over $10,000.00 in coverage.  That's a 125 day structural and mechanical coverage, Sewergard, MoldSafe, Five Year Platinum Roof Coverage, Radon warranty, a full-service concierge, and a lifetime membership to ReCallCheck.  For more info on our warranties click HERE, or visit or

  • Your clients can choose from our extended warranty service too!  Qualifying home inspections can choose the 18 Month Warranty from RWS.  That's an additional six months of coverage beyond the other warranty companies when White Glove performs the inspection.  For details on terms click HERE.  (Your other clients also have access to the warranty too, the Warranty is also available in a 12-month term if we did not perform the inspection.)

  • White Glove is Veteran Owned and Operated.  In honor of our roots, we are happy to extend a veteran and first responder discount as thanks for their service.  (10% up to $50.00 of only the inspection cost.)

  • White Glove is community-minded.  We are a part of the same organization as you.  We have partnered and volunteered with RPAC as a Major Investor, KW Cares, CanSar, National Lung Association, Naperville Responds and Lake County Responds for Veterans, and more. 

  • Member of MORe, TRAR, NICAR, and More.

Naperville Reponds
RPAC - Realtors Political Action Committee
KW Cares
Lake County Responds
Whie Gloves Associations and Certifications

Plus we have resources just for you!

The Ultimate Agent Package

White Glove Building Inspections - Ultimate Agent Package.png

Ask for your Ultimate Agent Package!  Contained within will be all the information you need to have on hand for you and your clients about all of the services we offer for buyers, sellers, home inspections,  commercial inspections, and more. You can get a no-cost paper or digital version. Have all the tools you need to maximize your inspections on hand!  Click HERE to get your Ultimate Agent Package.

RED - Your Personalized Web App

RED APP - White Glove Building Inspections

Set up your own personalized Mobile Booking through our RED platform.  It works just like an App on your phone.  You can order a home inspection in only a couple of taps of your fingers!  Plus - you can see your past client history, see a sample report, update your contact info, and more.  To get set up with your personal RED dashboard click HERE.

You are Beyond Valuable to Your Client!

White Glove Building Inspections, Inc. recognizes the value of a real estate agent in the real estate buying process. As our real estate industry changes constantly with the latest apps and dot coms, great agents remain someone in their clients' lives who is far more than a data source.


Think back to a client you've helped in the past. Perhaps you helped them make a decision when they had anxiety. Perhaps they were selling their family home after decades and emotions nearly overcame them while you guided them down the path. There are so many things you do in a day that can't possibly be programmed into a machine. The human element of real estate is alive and well and it lives in you.

While it is incredibly difficult to put any of that into an advertisement, we came up with an info-graphic to share with your sphere. Let's get the word out in a way that clients can digest that you are the resource they need. Click on the infographic below to download and use.

TOP 5 Reasons InfoGraphic - White Glove Building Inspections

Resources from RWS

Become a CPE -
Certified Client Protection Expert

Agents that know more, sell more - Become CPE certified - White Glove Building Inspections
Certified Client Protection Expert from White Glvoe Building Inspections

White Glove Building Inspections, Inc wants you to be the best agent that you can be. You are a trusted advisor in the most stressful and expensive purchase in your clients' lives and having the most knowledge will put you above your competition! You can easily become a Certified Client Protection Expert at by taking a thirty-minute free course. The CPE Certification shows proficiency in home inspection practices and standards, home warranty coverage issues, and general risk practices for clients in regard to Property Condition issues!

Know more and sell more FOR FREE with the help of the CPE Certification sponsored by White Glove Building Inspections, Inc!

Savvy Agent - White Glvoe Building Inspections

The Savy Agent

White Glove Building Inspections, Inc. wants you to be the best agent you can be - therefore, we wanted to take a moment to recommend The Savvy Agent - and it's been read by real estate professionals literally hundreds of thousands of times. You won't find any "get rich quick" marketing strategies here, just sound advice of delivering for your clients. After all, that's what it's all about!

Get your FREE E-Book HERE.

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