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All of our qualifying standard residential inspections come with over $100,000 in FREE warranty coverage!

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Warranties are underwritten by Residential Warranty Services - RWS

125 Day Limited Structural & Mechanical Warranty

Provides $500 in coverage for structural & mechanical problems on items that you have found to be in good working condition at the time of the inspection and specifically listed within the warranty. Good for 100 Days after the inspection or 22 days after closing, whichever comes later. Watch for more info.

Sewergard Protection Plan - White Glove Building Inspections
Platinum Roof Protection Plan - White Glvoe Building Inspections
Platinum Roof Protection Plan

Covers up to $3,000 roof leaks not present at the time of the inspection for 5 years after the inspection regardless of the roof condition or age at the time of the inspection. (Deductible of $500.00 applies.)


Covers your underground water lines and sewer lines from home to the street against failure. Protection up to $4,000. Good for 125 days after the inspection or 22 days after closing.  Sewer Gard coverage extends to one year when a sewer scope inspection is performed during the inspection period.

Radon Protection Plan - White Glove Building Inspections
Mold Safe Protection Plan - White Glove Building Inspections
Mold Safe

If new mold is discovered in the home that was not present at the time of the inspection, client is covered for up to $2,000 in remediation. Good for 125 days after the inspection or 22 days after closing.

Radon Protection Plan

If a radon re-test is performed after a White Glove radon test, and the new results show high levels of +4.0pCi/l, the cost of mitigation will be covered up to $1,200.00.  (Only offered with qualifying residential inspections and deductible of $250.00 is met.) Good for 120 days from inspection.


RecallChek is an Appliance Recall Reporting System that Identifies any appliance recall that may exist at the buyer’s new home. A separate report from the home inspection is generated for the appliances in the home. This is a lifetime service.

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Full Concierge Service & Utility Set Up

Take advantage of the RWS resources and get assistance on setting up utilities for your new home.  This is a one-stop service, one call does it all!  Get assistance with setting up your Phone, Television, Internet, Alarm Systems, Lock Smith to swap out locks for safety, and More!

HomeOwners Resource

Provides you with access to the information you need to maintain and manage your property. Login to your account to get in touch with a team of experts who will answer any question you have about your home, from maintenance and repair questions to project advice.

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For More Info on the Warranties Visit  

The warranties (“Warranties/Warranty”) are only for the benefit of the person(s) identified as the client on the contract for inspection services (Client) provided by White Glove Building Inspections (“Company”) and is not transferable. The Warranties do not apply to the inspection of any of the systems or components identified as Excluded Items as set forth in the Warranty. All claims submitted by the Client under the terms of the Warranty must be received by the Company on or prior to the day of the expiration of the Warranty Period. To assist in claims processing, the home inspection report issued by the Company will be considered an addendum to the Warranty and incorporated herein by reference.
Scope of Professional Services: For purposes of the Warranty, the professional services provided by the Company to the Client are professional home inspection services. (“Professional Services”) .
The Warranty shall expire one hundred (125) days after the date of the home inspection or twenty-two days after closing, whichever is in client’s favor (“Warranty Period”).
For additional information, limits, and restrictions on the warranties (i.e. 10 year age limit on appliances) reach out to RWS directly. As RWS is a third party provider all claim resolutions and reviews, etc, are determined and at their final say. As White Glove Building Inspections has no authority on how these warranties are administered.
Residential Warranty Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 797 Carmel, IN 46082

Additional  Warranties To Purchase

18 Month ISG_Logos_InCirclesBLK.png
18 Month Warranty

The 18 Month Warranty has the absolute broadest coverage for the longest term on the market today and is the least expensive warranty option on a per month basis.  Unlike the competition that ends at 12 or 13 months, when you get an inspection from White Glove your coverage automatically extends to 18 months of coverage.

Need to Submit a Claim

To submit a claim for a warranty with the full home inspection you can go to and create an account by clicking “Create Account” tab. Once logged into your account you will click the “New Claim” button (at the bottom of the page) and submit your claim.  You will need to upload an itemized repair estimate from a licensed contractor that states the (1) cause of failure as well as (2) parts and labor broken out for each issue. You will also upload your inspection report and some basic info on the home and contact info.  If the claim is for an appliance or HVAC system we will need the manufacture, model # and serial # from the unit that was inspected. See below for further items that a claim needs to be on the estimate. Your warranty is based on the date of the full home inspection. 

Roof Leak:

  • Number of leaks

  • Location of leak(s)

  • Square footage of leak(s)

  • Cause of each leak (e.g. wear & tear, age or something else in their professional opinion))

  • Price breakdown for materials separated by leak

  • Price for labor separated by leak(s)


For HVAC/Electrical/Appliances/Plumbing:

  • Diagnosis/Initial Failure (i.e. a brief description of the failure)

  • Specific Cause of Failure (e.g. wear & tear, age or something else in their professional opinion)

  • Itemized Cost of Parts

  • Cost/ Hours of Labor

  • Brand, Model & Serial Numbers of failed Unit

For Structural Claims:

  • Diagnosis/Initial Failure (i.e. a brief description of the failure) 

  • Specific Cause of Failure (e.g. wear & tear, age, or something else in their professional opinion)

  • Description of what's been done to address the failure 

  • Itemized Cost of Parts

  • Cost/Hours of Labor


  • Location of visible mold (must be visible)

  • Square footage of area treated

  • What is being removed or cleaned

  • Cause of mold (in their professional opinion)

  • Name of chemical

  • Cost for chemical per unit

  • Cost of labor to apply chemical

Radon Protection Plan:

  • The report for the initial testing done with results under 4.0 PCi/L ((200 Bq/m) 

  • The report from a recent testing done with results above4.0 PCi/L (200 Bq/m)


  • Diagnosis (i.e. brief description of failure - is a break/belly/clog)

  • Location of break (i.e. inside or outside etc...)

  • Length of broken portion of underground pipe

  • Cause of break (e.g. wear & tear, age, or something else in their professional opinion)

  • Parts and labor cost broken out

Termite Protection Plan:

  • Clear Wood Destroying Organism Report within 6 months of the start of the plan 

  • Type of new live infestation 

  • Name of chemical used 

  • Amount of chemical being used 

  • Cost for chemical 

  • Cost for labor to apply chemical only 


Additional Material on Warranties

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125 Day Warranty

Platinum 5 Year Roof Protection

Radon Warranty

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