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Luxury Home Inspections in
Chicago and Chicago Suburbs

Luxury homes have unique features that demand a different type of Home Inspection and experienced inspector.  Unique and high-end differences that might be present are additional appliances, custom finishing, commercial components, custom and specialty use rooms, and more.  These unique features require a higher level of detail and attention during the inspection process.  Working with a home inspector that is familiar with the different demands of a luxury property will be key to having success in your real estate transaction.

Luxury Home Inspections Residential White Glove Inspections

During the luxury inspection, the inspector will conduct the same standard of a home inspection that you would expect from the standard residential inspection. (For more details on what an inspection is visit our What is a home inspection page.) The difference comes down to paying attention to the details, having the right tools and knowledge, and providing high-end customer care.

White Glove  Home Inspections, Inc. inspector team has the expertise to conduct an inspection for luxury homes.  Each home is unique, and knowing what to look for and consider is key.  

When you work with the White Glove Team they will review all of your concerns, needs, wants, and more to make sure you get the best experience for your Luxury Home Inspection.  With that knowledge, the White Glove Customer Care Coordinators will work with you to build the right inspection package for you.  All of White Glove Luxury Home Inspections come with a visual mold inspection, a full thermal inspection, a drone inspection, 125 Warranty, and more. Additional options and add on services include using an inspector team, Commercial Inspection experiences, EIFS inspections, and more. 


Reach out today and start working with your client coordinator to get the right inspection for you.

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