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The White Glove Team

In Their Own Words

Bruce Fisher - White Glove Inspector

Bruce Fisher

Service Director

Ill. Lic. #450.0000109

RNI #91155

ASHI Certified Inspector for over 30 years.

InterNACHI CPI and member since 2017

Specializes in older and specialty homes, EIFS inspections, Commercial inspections.

Robert Fisher - White Glove Inspector

Robert Fisher

Inspector Manager

Ill. Lic. #450.010773

RNIT #2010209

InterNACHI CPI and member since 2014

I have a lifelong career in home inspections.  The clients I service know me for being detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and a great resource to learn about their new home.  Outside of work I enjoy Chicago sports.

Pete Brownson - White Glove Inspector

Pete Brownson


Ill. Lic. #450.011252

RNIT #2017231

ASHI Certified Inspector since 2014

InterNACHI member since 2017.

I was on my first job site at about seven years old.  I have worked in carpentry and plumbing as college summer jobs and spent 15 years as an insurance property claims adjuster.  I have been inspecting for seven-plus years.

Paul Hoddy - White Glove Inspector

Paul Hoddy


Ill. Lic. #450.011739

RNIT #2018203

InterNACHI member since 2017.

I like being a home inspector as it is a challenging and rewarding job as it changes every day. One of my strengths as an inspector is the ease at which I can talk to people. When I am not working I enjoy hiking and golf.

Scott Muzzey - White Glove Inspector

Scott Muzzey


Ill. Lic. #450.003238

InterNACHI member since 2018.

I had a career change 15 years ago and have been inspecting throughout Chicagoland.  I am methodical and very thorough in my inspections and believe that educating clients is key to success.  I have seen a lot of things in the real estate world, and still love to learn.

Roy Flynn - White Glove Inspector

Roy Flynn


Ill. Lic. #450.012259

RNIT #2021213

InterNACHI member since 2020.

I like to help people. I enjoy learning new skills. I pay attention to detail and like being creative.  I also volunteer with Naperville’s search and rescue team.

Jeremiah Quiram - White Glove Inspector

Jeremiah Quiram

Ill. Lic. #450.012650

RNIT #202205

InterNACHI member since 2020.

I have been a mechanic and carpenter for most of my life.  I enjoy the building and fixing of things.  I believe in honesty and helping others, which is why I love being a home inspector.  ​I am a proud father to a beautiful daughter. 

Bill Good - White Glove Inspector

Bill Good

Ill. Lic. #450.012537

InterNACHI member since 2021.

I am very detail-oriented, organized, and driven.  I’m an electrician by trade. I enjoy all forms of outdoor activities, including fishing, boating, and ATVing

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Carol Fisher - The White Glove Lady

Carol Fisher

Growth Director

I am known as the 'White Glove Lady!'  Member of MORe, RPAC Major Investor, NICAR member, TRAR member and affiliate chair and committee chair, Member of NAHREP, Member of ASAR, and winner of numerous affiliate awards.

When not at work I spend my time on artistic endevors.

Cole Fisher - White Glove Building Inspections

Cole Fisher

Operations Director

I have a background in project management, call centers, and customer service.  I enjoy problem-solving and troubleshooting to find the best solution to any problem.  I jokingly say I'm a walking encyclopedia of useless facts. I am a dog and cat mom.

Randi Head Shot.png

Randi Fisher

Growth Manager

I like to have good conversations, to listen, and learn about others. I always try to help where help is wanted or needed. I like to create and draw or design new things. I'm a proud mom of two adopted dogs. 

Jillian Cunny - White Glvoe Building Inspections

Jillian Cunny

Client Coordinator

I have an optimistically positive view on life.   

I answer each call with a smile, assisting you with your booking, questions or radon results. 

I have a teenager who is learning to drive, a senior dog and cat.

Carmina Landrito - White Glove Building Inspections

Carmina Landrito
Client Coordinator

Besides taking pride in my position of working with clients as they purchase their dream home, I am an educator who never stops learning, a full-time dog mom, and a part-time snack enthusiast.  I can easily cry and laugh at the slightest. 

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