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COVID- 19 Updated Policy

An inspector is a vital part of the real estate transaction. Inspections are considered an essential business during COVID-19. White Glove believes that we can continue to service our customers and clients during the current health alerts for COVID-19. White Glove has adopted the InterNACHI and IEMA recommended standards for continuing to provide high-quality inspections and services while still being prudent, safe, and taking precautions in accordance with government recommendations and orders. Remember, that the conditions and situation from COVID-19 is changing constantly.

In response to the COVID-19 CDC recommendations and the safety and health of everyone involved in the upcoming inspection, White Glove is taking the following steps and asking for assistance from you. Everyone is involved in being responsible for helping with safety.



  • White Glove respectfully asks that only the buyer or buyer/s named on the purchase contract be at the inspection. Attendance will be capped at two (2) clients/buyers not including real estate agent/s. We respectfully ask that you consider not attending at all, this is for the health, safety, and well-being of our inspectors, and all others who may live at or come in contact with the property.

  • Anyone attending the inspection will be required to wear a mask in accordance with the current state of Illinois mandates, as well be following CDC recommendations, and social distancing.

  • Confirm that anyone attending the inspection or at the property (i.e. buyer, agents, homeowner, etc)is in good health and not experiencing any flu, flu-like, or COVID-19 symptoms. If someone is unwell please notify White Glove immediately as rescheduling may need to be considered.

  • It is highly encouraged that occupants of the home/property consider leaving to have as few people on-site as possible. As well as any animals/pets are secured or removed from the property.

  • Be sure to complete all necessary documents and payments online through the provided links on your confirmation email. White Glove is conducting contact free services and asks for your cooperation in completing contact-free inspection by using the provided digital links. Please note, online signatures and payments are required within 24 hours of scheduling the inspection to confirm your appointment.

  • Confirm with White Glove how access will be granted. If clients are in attendance a licensed real estate professional must be in attendance as per state standards. If other arrangements need to be made, notify White Glove accordingly. Knowing up front will eliminate confusion onsite.

  • This email supersedes any emails with attendance recommendations, as our COVID-19 response is meant to end as soon as possible.

White Glove Inspectors Will:

  • Our inspectors have completed additional training provided by Reliance Medical and InterNACHI COVID-19 Health and Safety On-Site at Inspections certification.

  • Our inspectors will not be shaking hands.

  • White Glove is asking that everyone respect the CDC and IL recommended personal boundary area.

  • Your inspector may ask additional things of you to maintain their personal health and safety.

  • Our inspectors will be wearing the required facial mask or respirator in accordance with the IL mandates in place order for essential workers and businesses.

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