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New Home Construction - Why The Inspection Is Important!

As the demand for homes is growing, new construction is booming. The problem is that after years of stagnation in new construction skilled labor is hard to come by. This means that new construction home buyers are experiencing surprises as they move in, and not good surprises. Builders are taking s, rushing, using shortcuts, and sub-par materials. A good comparison would be a lemon car.

The one line of defense you should absolutely consider is a home inspection on your new construction home. We are there for you and only you, giving you an answer on the condition of the home, and what issues are found that the builder needs to address before you take occupancy.

White Glove offers New Construction Inspections as well as phase inspections for new homes. Get your new home inspected. Humans build homes and humans make mistakes.

The below video is a great example of WHY this is such an important step

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